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The Council is now developing an Open Data Strategy that will see us publish many data sets under the Open Government Licence.

Open data is defined as information available for anyone to use, for any purpose and at no cost. The Council believes that public information should be open by default and this initiative is part of the much wider programme of digital transformation.

We will develop and publish a catalogue of open data sets that will be available in a format that can be downloaded, manipulated and used for the benefit of everyone. In so doing this will help to increase transparency and accountability. Use of open data also extends to commercial applications where it can be freely used to help create software and websites. Open data contains no personal data and fully complies with the relevant Data Protection legislation.

GIS open data

The Council has already published a number of GIS open data sets – these geospatial data sets can be discovered, searched, viewed and downloaded from the website.

Although these data sets were initially published to help meet the Council’s INSPIRE Regulations 2009 obligations they have been notified to the Ordnance Survey under the “Presumption to Publish” procedures for “Derived Data”. Accordingly, all the GIS open data sets are available under the Open Government Licence.